Our menu

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  • Wards Berry Baby Kale

    pecorino vinaigrette // brown butter ciabatta

  • Berries Gem

    smoked peblano ranch // bacon // local blue cheese

  • Haricot Vert

    toasted hazelnut & mint vinaigrette // smoked scamorza

  • Baby Watercress & Frissee

    mayer lemon truffle vinaigrette // poached egg // panchetta

  • House Chopped

    creamy oregano // crispy chickpeas // aged cheddar

Small Plates

  • Crispy Potatoes

    Vermont Creme Fraiche // Trout Roe // Chive

  • Island Creek Oysters

    Seasonal Mignonette

  • Wood Charred Chicken Wings

    Caramelized Red Curry // Coconut

  • Local Buratta

    Grilled Focaccia // Honey Walnut Pesto

  • Pickled Tomato Skewers

    Mozzarella // Aged Balsamic // Pesto

  • House Cured Salmon

    Pear // Jicama // Calamansi

  • Buttermilk Onion Rings

    Charred Fennel Goddess Sauce

  • Eggplant Caponata

    Cured Egg Yolk // Garlic Knots


  • Margarita

    tomato// basil

  • Tuscan Kale

    mangalista lardo// quail egg

  • Merguez

    red onion// whipped feta

  • Truffle Ricotta

    mangalista lardo// quail egg

  • Pepperoni

    caramelized red onion// vin cotto

  • Squash

    romesco bashamel// fairy tail eggplant// castelmagno

  • Spicy Clam

    calibrian chili// vodka sauce// charred broccolini

  • Artichoke

    smoked white sauce// pickled shallot// parsley

  • Meatball

    bechamel// romaine// pickled red onion// parmesan

  • NYC

    New York Style, choice of three toppings


  • New World Bronzino

    local salt baked// heirloom tomato// herb salmorillio// new potato

  • Chicken For Two

    wood fired// truffle// charred broccolini// maple farroto

  • Brandt Ribeye

    grilled// local offerings

  • Chefs Fish of the Day
  • Salmon

    grilled// berkshire county sweet corn// chefs home grown basil// pancetta

  • Lobster

    baked// maine peaky toe crab// soft herbs// bernaise

  • Black Bass

    sweet corn// pancetta vinaigrette


  • Rigatoni

    fennel sausage// cognac cream

  • Pappardelle

    braised lamb// english peas // mint ricotta

  • Tagliatelle

    bolognese// parmesan

  • Linguini

    calamari// smoked mussles// shrimp// arribiata

  • Spaghetti

    sweet 100 tomato// pickled garlic scapes, guanciale

Sandwiches (Lunch Only)

  • SOURCE Burger

    dry aged ribeye// brisket// thick cut bacon// cheddar// SOURCE sauce

  • Porchetta

    jardinere// smoked gouda// romesco aioli// ciabatta

  • Not Grandma's Grilled Cheese

    avocado// heirloom tomato// crispy fior di latte// grilled leek// dukes mayo